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JB Traders Inc. is an international import and export company based out of United States U.S. foundedupon the simple idea of bringing worlds together. Established in 2012 based in New York, city of countless promising opportunities, JB Traders came into existence as an intermediary between the North American manufacturers and its international counterparts in building a relation. With an international staff and offices across the globe, JB Traders Inc. continues to break the barrier of cultural and linguistic differences assuring the needs of both parties are satisfied.

Each venture undertaken are unique learning opportunity for the JB team, and helps the team stay focused on the satisfaction driven business. With the growing needs of the innovative products in unexplored international markets, we as one family continues to explore and grow together.


Our mission

Three Key ideas on which JB Traders Inc. was built are Trust, Time and Satisfaction. No matter what the business may be, you as our customer get the bonus of Trust, Time and satisfaction from JB Traders Inc. With the growing business we handle each business opportunity with equal importance, utmost care and respect. We believe in delivering promises for a closer better world.

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